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Jamie from Phoenix on Ignite India

18/07/2011 @ 9:45am

Jamie, a Third Day fan from Phoenix in Arizona, has given up a trip to Europe so that she could see first hand the work of Gateway ministries in Rajahmundry.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the kindness of the Indian people.  They are very hospitable. Prasad’s family is a prime example of what it means to truly have a servant’s heart.  What I consider a sacrifice, they consider a pleasure. 
 comments Jamie.

During the trip she has so far visited a number of the Ignite Churches, some of which were funded by US Rock band Third Day, others by generous individuals and churches.

What a privilege to worship God with my Indian brothers and sisters in Christ!  The healing prayers have been the most powerful part of the services for me.  I’m honored to pray for these people, yet humbled and heartbroken at the same time. says Jamie, after a service with one of the churches.

The trip has been a challenging and emotional one for Jamie. She recalls a conversation she had with one young lady who told her that she had HIV. In her own words, Jamie said, I can’t describe the feeling...  I was completely taken aback and fought back tears while I prayed.

On another day, the team visited a leprosy colony, where she was given the chance to share a message of hope. A trip which has encouraged her to help them further, given that leprosy is an entirely treatable disease.

The trip also took them to the Gateway School which, it seems, Jamie loved.

The Gateway School is unbelievable! Shortly after we arrived, I noticed my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, he commented, Everyone there is filled with joy.  When I saw what the children were learning, I was in awe. These children are far more advanced than most children in the US and in the UK, yet they are part of some of the lowest castes.

So it seems that for Jamie, the trip has been an eye opening and positively life changing one that she is very thankful to have been a part of.

It’s not about the churches. It’s not about the school. It’s about the people and the children. God’s children who’ve escaped the vicious cycle of poverty due to lack of education. Greater things ARE being done in this city.  Please know if you’ve given your time or resources to the Come Together Compound, it is being put to great use.

If you've been considering being a part of a future mission trip, Jamie has the following encouragements for you.

If you have not witnessed this yourself, I strongly encourage you to visit.  I thought Kevin & I sacrificed a European vacation so I could come here.  These people have helped me realize it’s a pleasure to be here.



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