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City Temple Cardiff Continue Partnership

29/11/2009 @ 2:50pm

 Helen Devereux, from City Temple church in Cardiff, Wales is back teaching at the Gateway School. Here is a recent report form Helen:

Friday 13th November

Today I used a Spot the dog book for the two younger classes and told a Bible story to one of the older classes. I put some wall charts up in the nursery class yesterday, but the trusty blue tack isn’t working quite as well in this heat, so we may have to think of a more permanent way to keep things on the wall.  From next week I am going to be teaching the junior classes one grammar lesson a week at Sunee’s request, which will be quite interesting, as the books are quite different to ours.  It is going to be a bit tricky trying to explain things I think but I will give it a go!

Saturday 14th November

An interesting day today. The school bus arrived at the house today with about 25 of the children from school and off we went to a huge park on the outskirts of the town.  It was an area with lots of very old-fashioned looking playground equipment, but most of it considerably larger than we were used to in our parks as children.  There were the most amazing trees that had roots that looked like vines hanging down which made excellent rope swings and the trees themselves were great climbing material.

Wednesday 18th November

Yesterday I sprang into action and taught the children a very lively praise song with lots of actions- which they absolutely loved.  I now have to make sure I can pull enough out of the bag along the same lines to keep them entertained!  One of the children requested that I retold them the story of Jonah, which shows they have a good memory!

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