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Ignite India Youth

The Ignite Declaration in Telagu Ignite India Youth is designed to challenge young Christians to discover God’s purpose for their life, to be a disciple of Jesus and to transform their generation.

Over 5,000 sign up

Over 5,000 young people have signed the Ignite Declaration. Gateway have made sure that every village church has a youth leader, and Ignite India

Youth Director V. Sagar  spends much time visiting and encouraging these youth leaders. Each month he concentrates on a different area, and Pastor Prasad follows up these visits. Whenever Ignite UK staff are in town, then Ignite India Youth Conferences are held which encourage and mobilise the youth into a life of discipleship.


By the grace of God, Gateway see many young people experience salvation and undergo baptism. 

A young lady being baptised Young people with their Ignite cards Football Team signs the Ignite Declaration

Girls say the declaration Sagar prays the declaration Ignite India Conference 2011

Christmas Time

At Christmas time each year, Gateway organize Ignite India Christmas meetings and sports tournaments- which gather together many young people to compete for the Ignite India cup in various sports and most importantly to share Christian fellowship together.

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