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Ignite Churches

Ignite have a small programme geared towards the construction of village churches, and as of late 2014, nineteen Ignite church buildings have been opened with one currently under construction.

We know that 'church' is about people not buildings, but we have seen that to have a church building in a village offers a great opportunity for believers to gather together and for Hindus to come in and discover Jesus for themselves. Many of the churches increase their congregation size dramatically when they open a church building.

For a relatively small amount of money a church can be constructed and becomes both a worship centre and an evangelism tool!

List of Ignite Churches
Village Pastor Sponsor
Bhopalapatnam Prabhakar Ignite UK
Gummuluru Prasad in temporary charge Carl Brettle
Nidigatla Raju Mavis Harris and  Amanda Dixon
Tatapudi Paul Danescourt Church
Tapeswaram Jyothi Babu Third Day UK tour 2007
Ambajipeta Yesuraj Third Day UK tour 2007
Kothapeta James Dai Hankey and The Message Trust
Acheyapellam Dass Anita Monks and The Message Trust

Vidyuth Nagar

Victor Third Day UK fans
Pendipeta Masilamani Campus Ministry, Fort Wayne, USA

Seethanargam (P.Patnam)

Joseph Raj Third Day London Concert 2009
Mondepulanka Joythi Babu Paul & Amy Reed, Nigel & Gill James
Palem Leprosy Village Satyea Ignite UK
Lankalagannavaram George Third Day London 2009
M.R. Palem Rainhard Ignite UK
Pujaripallem Shakar Ignite UK
Kavalagoyya William Carey Zoom Zoom Trust
Ganti David New Life Church, Cwmcarn
Bommur K. Prassad The Message Trust
Gokavarm M. Suneetha Ignite UK


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